Monday, April 24, 2006

Can You Believe They're Going to Pay Me to Write?!

I got the new job about which I posted several days ago. As of this afternoon, I officially am employed by Lifeline Youth and Family Services as a Youth Treatment Specialist. I start work tonight.

It's true that Lifeline pays mostly in thanks, so I'm taking quite the substantial pay cut, but this is a third-shift job where I will do practically nothing. Thus I will be able to spend almost eight hours every night writing. For the first time in my life, I won't have to use spare time on career-building. Gnash your teeth in envy, jealous fellow scribes!!

Now we have to see if this new freedom results in actual scripts, not to mention improvement in my skills and advancement of my career.


Punky Jam Jams said...

i thought the purpose of the lifeline post was that you were essentially un-advancing your career.

: )

somehow the words career and write don't seem to roll off the toungue well - as you fellow scribes will attest.

if anything - you can't put a resume and/or paycheck that compares to happiness - and it sounds like you are happy with the new enviroment...which is great.

greg said...


here is the biggest problem:

No Excuses...

If you actually have the time you need - and you're getting paid to write... then not writing is actually your fault!

That sucks...!

japhy99 said...

Congrats brother -- glad you got the gig you were gunning for.

I'm a rat bastard and still neeed to finish eLife.

Really, I'm a terrible person.

But I'm hoping now that the (current, latest) Dismal revision is mostly done I'll be able to do it.